Friday, July 14, 2006

Nightmare: Webification of Applications - Reinventing the wheel

I had a nightmare and woke up in cold sweat..A big machine is ploughing through Silicon Valley and leaving all the ajaxified webified companies dead and east european programmers unemployed in its trail....that machine had written the word "Stupid" in big bold letters on it.


Because why did someone need to build or iRows when you can just as easily have a desktop session over the network (and the web). Things like VNC has been there for years. I am sure with a little hacking you can easily have a solution where people can have independent X Windows based desktop sessions on a remote server running Linux/Solaris or any other *nix flavour.

And on that desktop session they can not only have openoffice suite but can have access to anything else they need.

Very good example :

I understand that Ajax and VNC are totally different technology but why reinvent spreadsheets and openoffice and why not simply serve the whole desktop over the web? Make solutions like vnc more efficient and cut out for the web.


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